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My name is Peter, I'm a Software Enginer at Credit Karma. In 2021, I graduated from Virginia Tech where I studied Computer Science and minored in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

On the weekends, I'm a Major League Hacking Coach, which means that I travel to events to digitally assist hackathon organizers in order to provide the best possible experience to their attendees.

Formerly, I worked as a part time Software Engineer at Decipher Technology Studios where I contributed to the product’s backend control-plane features extending Envoy’s service mesh API, as well as the Grey Matter Sense team's Log Anomaly Detector.

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In my spare time, I enjoy helping organize my own hackathons, working on side projects, researching reinforcment learning techniques, and solving Rubik's cubes!


Hackathons I've organized, Coached, attended, and mentored