Hackathon Resources

A collection of resources that may be useful for hackathon organizers

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Discord / Comms


streamline the mentorship process by assigning roles to programming languages

Zira is a Discord bot that can help connect mentors with hackers according to their specific problem. Checkout this guide in tandem with this repo of icons for common programming languages.

How to Use Discord

Rundown on how to use your communication platform

Several judges, sponsors, mentors, and even hackers may be unfamiliar with your preferred communication platform. A quick run down about how to use it effectively for the weekend can go a long way in retaining hacker engagement.


Devpost Example Submission

boilerplate submission that can be copied/rebranded for your event to include crucial submission information for hackers

Getting hackers to submit to Devpost early is crucial towards preparing for the judging phase. Encouraging hackers to submit even just a placeholder submission so you can get a headcount can be dismissive if they're a first time hacker and don't have anything to reference. A submission like this can be shared with hackers to elucidate confusion.

Devpost Expo

Automates the process of filtering through the opt-in prizes to give judges their respective categories to judge

streamline the process of giving judges table assignments by challenge category, prize, etc. Clone this repo, drop in your exported Devpost data, host on GitHub pages and just share the link with your judges! Here's a live example.

Judging Help

Website to calculate judging logistics based on MLH's Organizer Guide

Hosted here. Given the anticipated number of teams, judges, times each project should be viewed, and the alotted time for the judging phase, this site divides judges across table numbers corresponding to project submissions with an inidcation of how much time they can spend per project.